Neko Rig Vs Wacky Rig

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wacky rig vs neko rig

In the bass fishing scene, there are a couple of finesse techniques that really make a splash for being both effective and subtle: the Wacky Rig and the Neko Rig. Though they might seem kinda similar at first glance, each one has its own advantages and works best under certain fishing conditions. The major and only difference between these two rigs is a simple nail weight.

All About the Wacky Rig

a wacky rigged senko

The Wacky Rig keeps things simple but smart. You just hook a soft plastic worm right in the middle. Alternatively, you can use an O-ring. This setup gives the bait a nice and enticing floppy action as it drops down through the water, looking like an easy target for bass. It’s my go-to method for fishing around shallow cover, especially when I’m fishing in clear water where bass can be extra wary or picky. Usually, I will fish through and beside cover horizontally, especially through spawning beds.

Best Times to use the Wacky Rig:

  • Fishing around docks, brush, or weeds in shallow water.
  • Clear water where you don’t want to spook the fish with too much action.
  • When bass are spawning or on nest-guard duty.

All about the Neko Rig

neko rigged senko

The Neko Rig takes the Wacky Rig and customizes it by sticking a nail weight into one end of the worm. This makes the bait dive head-first, so it sinks faster and wiggles in a way that gets the attention of the bass. It’s my go-to rig for when I’m fishing deeper or if I’m fishing ledges and drop-offs.

Best Times To Use a Neko rig:

  • Fishing deep, especially near drop-offs and ledges
  • When it’s windy and you need extra weight for control.
  • Fishing around deep rock piles or deep docks.

Differences between wacky rigs and neko rigs

While both rigs hook the worm bait through the middle, the nail weight is where the Neko Rig changes the game. The Wacky Rig takes its sweet time sinking, and flutters while falling. This is perfect for shallow, clear waters when you’re fishing horizontally. On the flip side, the Neko Rig heads down quickly, and has a nice presentation on the bottom. This is good for vertical fishing in deeper water.

Wrapping Up: Wacky Rigs vs Neko Rigs

Both the Wacky Rig and Neko Rig have their place as bass fishing rigs under different scenarios and water conditions. Getting to know the ins and outs of each rig will help you make the appropriate choice when you’re out of the water.

Deciding between a Wacky Rig and a Neko Rig really comes down to checking out the fishing conditions and how the bass are acting. A bit of experimenting and learning from the water will show you how to get the most out of these techniques.

Go out and access your circumstances and try out each rig type to find what’s the most appropriate for you.