Neko Rig vs Ned Rig

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neko rig vs ned rig

Fellow anglers are always looking for techniques that can increase their catch rate and overall experience. The Neko Rig and Ned Rig are two options that are extremely popular. This article will take a look at the characteristics, advantages, and use of the Neko rig vs Ned Rig.

Both rigs have made an impression within the bass fishing community due to their simplicity, versatility, and effectiveness. However, as they’ve become more and more popular, so does the debate: which rig is better?

The Neko Rig

Two Senkos neko rigged
Two Senkos Neko Rigged

Neko Rigging is a finesse fishing technique that uses a weighted worm rigged wacky style using an o-ring or with the hook straight through the middle.

The key here is the weight inserted into the nose of the soft bait, which gives your bait a unique and enticing fall with a standing presentation on the bottom.

This setup is good for targeting bass in deeper water or around structure, especially during times when the fish are lethargic and not biting high action baits.

Advantages of the Neko Rig:

  • Better Control: The weighted nose gives you better control over the bait, which is good for vertical fishing, where you want to put the bait right in the perfect spot.
  • Versatile Presentations: By adjusting the weight and hook, you can modify the Neko Rig’s fall rate and action.
  • Appealing Action: The rig’s design has a natural and lifelike action that is oftentimes irresistible to bass.

The Ned Rig

Stick and craw Ned Rigged

On the other hand, the Ned Rigging is a technique known for simplicity and effectiveness. The simple setup is a small, soft plastic bait and a light jig head.

This approach is underestimated because the Ned Rig has proven to be extremely effective at catching bass. This is especially true in tough conditions like winter or when the fish are under a lot of pressure.

Advantages of the Ned Rig:

  • Ease of Use: The Ned Rig’s simplicity makes it a great choice for even beginners. It requires minimal technique and skill to produce results.
  • Subtle Presentation: It has a small profile with a natural looking fall. This makes it very effective in clear water and during times like winter when the bite is slow.

Ned Rig vs Neko Rig: When To Use Them

When to Use the Neko Rig:

  • Targeting Specific Structures: The Neko Rig is good to use around docks, brush piles, and rock bottoms where the presentation draws out fish.
  • Deeper Water: Because of its weighted design, it does well in deeper water. It allows anglers to stay on the bottom and just hop along.

When to Use the Ned Rig:

  • Clear Water Conditions: The subtleness and low profile of the Ned Rig is good for clear water so that fish can see it.
  • Cold Water: Because of the slow fall rate and minimal action, it’s great as a winter bass bait when the fish are lethargic.

Two Great Rigs For Bass Fishing

Neko Rigs and Ned Rigs have unique features that can be highly effective in certain conditions. The choice will come down to personal preference, water conditions, and how the fish are behaving.

Look at your specific situation and think about the variables that decide when you should use each and adjust accordingly. I’d encourage everyone to go out and try each at least to get a feel for using the rigs.