How To Fish A Chatterbait

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chatterbait or bladed jig

Chatterbaits, also called bladed jigs, are one of my favorite baits because they’re effective for bass, and do most of the work for you as you reel. When you reel, the blade moves very quickly in the water, which gives off a loud vibration. This gets the attention of bass that are in the area, even without seeing it directly.

In this guide, we’ll go over the simple ways to fish a chatterbait for bass.

Setting Up Your Chatterbait

Using the right chatterbait setup can make a huge difference in your catch rate. I recommend using a medium-heavy rod that has faster action paired with a high-quality baitcasting reel. This will give you good control and feel over your chatterbait. I like to use braided line between 10-20 pound tests so that I can have good strength while still having some sensitivity and not overkill.

As far as rigging your chatterbait, you’ll want a soft plastic trailer. I like to use a paddle tail swimbait or a craw. Using trailers will make your bait look more visually attractive on top of the vibrations.

Techniques For Fishing A Chatterbait

Chatterbait lures are super easy to use. One of the most basic methods is a straight retrieve. Meaning cast out and just reel back in at a moderate pace, and adjusting the speed to your preference.

You can also use a yo-yo technique where you sort of use it like you would the jig. Let it sink for a few seconds, real in your slack, and then with your rod tip pointed straight in front of you lift up. Repeat this process by lowering your rod tip back down to let it sink again.

Lastly, you can also burn your chatterbait through heavy cover, like weeds or lily pads. Burning a lure simply means a very fast retrieve. Burning through heavy cover is a big reason I use a decently strong braided line. These lures are usually not very snag resistant so you need to have a feel for your bait and know when to give it a good yank to clear things like moss and grass from your hook.

Tips And Tricks

There are many things you can do to maximize your presentation of your chatterbait. Following these tips can be the difference between a successful day fishing and getting skunked:

  • Match the Hatch: If you’ve never heard this before, basically it just means that you should use baits that resemble natural prey in color and appearance. for example, if you’re fishing right after the Shad spawn, use a color and trailer that looks like a baby Shad.
  • Change It Up: Don’t just pick one trailer and retrieve at the same speed. If you aren’t catching fish, change up the color and type of trailer as well as experiment with retrieval speed. Sometimes all it takes is a slight change to get the bass to hit.
  • Time Your Fishing: Early morning or in the evening are the best times to fish a chatterbait. This is especially true during the warmer months.
  • Use the Weather: Cloudy days are my favorite days to use chatterbaits. I’m not exactly sure why but I seem to do a lot better on cloudy days.
  • Keep It Moving: The only time you should not move your bait is when you’re letting it sink. Otherwise, the action of this bait depends on your reeling.

Fishing With Chatterbaits

Using a chatterbait is pretty simple! By utilizing this guide and incorporating the tips I’ve laid out, you should be ready to hit the water, catch some big Bass, and master the chatterbait.