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Wildlife Guide: Elk

Common Name: Elk
Scientific Name: Cervus Elaphus
Average Wt: 300 - 900lbs
Average Ht: 4 - 5 Feet at shoulder
SubSpecies: Eastern, Tule, Rocky Mountain, Roosevelt, Merriam, Manitoban
Range: (click for guides in each state) CA, AZ, NV, UT, WY, NM, MT

Current World Records - Elk

Pope & Young Record Typical: 409 2/8 Rosebud County, Montana, Chuck Adams
Pope & Young Record Non-Typical: 420 5/8 Shoshone County, Idaho, Steven Mullin
Boone & Crockett Typical Record: 442 5/8 White Mts., AZ, Alonzo Winters
Boone & Crockett Non-Typical Record: 465 2/8 Upper Arrow Lake, BC
Wildlife Guide: Caribou

Common Name: Caribou (Reindeer)
Scientific Name: Rangifer tarandus-caribou
Average Wt: 200 - 500lbs
SubSpecies: Barren Ground, Svalbard, Greenland, Woodland, Quebec Labrador, Mountain, and Peary
Range: (click for guides in each state) AK, Canada

Current World Records - Caribou

Pope & Young Record: Barren Ground- 448 6/8 Lake Clark Region, Alaska,Dennis Burdick
Pope & Young Record: Canadian Barren Ground- 420 6/8 Humpy Lake, Northwest Territories, Al Kuntz
Pope & Young Record: Mountain- 413 6/8 Divide Lake, Northwest Territories, Chuck Adams
Pope & Young Record: Quebec Labrador- 434 0/8 Tunulik River, Quebec, Carol Ann Mauch
Pope & Young Record: Woodland- 345 2/8 Victoria River, Newfoundland, Demsey Cape
Boone & Crockett Record: Mountain- 453 Prospector Mt., YT, C. Candler Hunt
Boone & Crockett Record: Woodland- 419 5/8 Newfoundland, H. Casmir de Rham
Boone & Crockett Record: Barren Ground- 477 Iliamna Lake, AK, Daniel L. Dobbs
Boone & Crockett Record: Central Canadian Barren Ground- 433 4/8 Humpy Lake, NT, Donald J. Hotter III
Boone & Crockett Record: Quebec Labrador- 474 6/8 Nain, LB, Zack Elbow


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