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Link Exchange Program

Our link exchange program is specifically tailored to focus in and gather the traffic in our market and then help to classify it and give it a proper target. What I've found in doing some research is that there are a ton of sites out there but the search engines just can't find them. How many people do you know that spent money on a nice website but they failed to get any traffic? I know a bunch and if we all work together to try to organize proper web rings we can pull in all that traffic and distribute it accordingly.

There are two main ingredients in our formula and if we both just simply follow the recipe then we both stand to gain. It contains me putting a link on my website that points to you and you putting a link on your website to me. Sound simple, it is. All you have to do is give to me the following information about your site and then add the code below to your website and wiz-bang we're both getting more traffic.

To add my link to your website just choose a banner and then copy and paste the code below into your website. The main page, or index page is the best to put it on to increase page rankings but any page will do. You can also choose to have no banner and just include a hyperlink. If you want to include a link and don't know how, ask the person who built your site or the company who hosts it. If all else fails I'll give your some good advice on how to do it.

Small Banner 120x60 Pixels
Copy and Paste the following code into your web page:
Large Banner 468x80 Pixels
Copy and Paste the following code into your web page:
No Banner - Link only
Copy and Paste the following code into your web page:

If you have any further questions please give me a call at 480-595-1177.

Thanks and happy traffic days. © Copyright
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